Hatch Chocolates

Packaging Design

Rabbel is a family owned business in Germany focusing on high quality confectionery specialties. Like most industries, there are high and low seasons and in the chocolate industry, the low season is in the summer. Rabbel wanted to rethink this experience with a packaging design that would entice people to purchase their chocolates year round. 

Hatch is an interactive chocolate experience to be enjoyed by everyone. Inspired by summer birds and the cheerful environment around us. Everyone is welcomed to indulge and engage in this dynamic chocolate packaging. The delicate luxury chocolates are showcased under a clear plastic lid. While the geometric woven colors cradle the chocolate eggs, and invite everyone to enjoy. The liner is removed to reveal origami instructions inside, and more chocolates underneath. These instructions guide the user with simple graphics, to create a golden origami bird. Everyone is encouraged to reuse their chocolate foil, hatch their own bird, and play.


There is a particular feeling that you get only in the summertime. A feeling of warmth, and togetherness. A feeling that is unique and indescribable. The world around us is changing into something fresh and new. Your senses are in overdrive. New smells, sounds, sights, feelings, and tastes engulf you. You indulge, you relax, and you explore.

Summer is a series moments and memories. Take them in, share them, and remember them forever.